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All donations are welcome and help support the continuing operations of the server and its further development. Thank you for your support! <3



Terms and Conditions for Purchases


A payment to BeastsMC is a payment for the virtual items described by the purchased package.


All transactions are final and there are no refunds.

Refunds will not be given under the following circumstances (this is just a brief list, and not complete):

  • Being banned for breaking our server rules
  • Items being stripped due to abuse or rule breaking
  • Any other case in which the admins and owners deem necessary


By completing this transaction, you acknowledge that:

  • You are the owner of the Paypal account associated with the purchase
  • You have permission from the owner of the account to make the purchase (any disputes to this cannot be verified on our end and should be discussed with the party involved should an issue arise)
  • We are not responsible for any bank related fees or any other fees associated with the transaction


If you were not authorized to use the Paypal account or file a chargeback with Paypal or another company, you will be permanently and indisputably banned from all BeastsMC services. Should you have a reason to request a refund that is not covered in this sales agreement, contact us at beastsmc@gmail.com along with a copy of your reciept (should be in the email associated with the Paypal account that was used to make the purchase), a description of the issue, and any other relevant information so that we can help in the best way we can.

Thank you for your purchase and for supporting our server!